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Millen Twins

Lokal Konnect Event

"I am. You Are. Perfectly Imperfect." -Founded by Kristle & Kerese Millen.

This website was a vision of ours that we prayed about for years. Have you ever been at the point of your life when you ask yourself, "What is my purpose in life?"  You see different individuals making it in life, doing the things that they love. But it seems like you just can't reach your Dream or your Goal!

This is where we went wrong. We were looking at other people and saying, "Oh we can do that, and then go spend the money to start but didn't have the drive to do it because guess what? It wasnt in Gods plan! Take it out of your hands and put it in Gods Hands!

We then began to seek God, by building a closer relationship with Him, by talking to Him like He was sitting right here in our living room. We began to pray and fast specifically for our purpose in life. Now we know that we are all here to serve in some form or fashion, but what and how were we going to serve?

Guess what? When you go into your secret place, God begans to reveal your gift! WE WANT TO SERVE BY SHARING HOW AMAZING GOD HAS BEEN NOT ONLY TO US BUT BY SHARING EVERYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THEIR TESTIMONY,THEIR STORY! -You never know how your story can change and encourage someone else life!

WHY DOES YOUR STORY MATTER? Thats a great question🙂 We go through a season in our life that makes us cry, gives us thoughts of suicide, thoughts of giving up, but when we get through that season even more stronger, and powerful, then it is our turn to help someone who may be going through a simliar situation.

Yes we are identical twin sisters who strive to serve God in every aspect of our life. But guess what? We are not perfect. We have been there. Thoughts of suicide, feeling insecure about how we look, not feeling good enough for a significant other, divorced, once a "baby mama", wanting to be excepted, giving your all and loving one more then we loved ourselves, with it not being appreciated... but "We lift up our eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh our help." (Psalm 121) We learned that we are on this earth to please God and not man. 

 This is our story...Keep watching where God is going to take us and you if you keep your life in His Hands!! Our duty now is to give back!