Meet Ikeysha Clincy

This book is dedicated to

…….. Anyone who has taken a chance on believing in themselves and materializing their destiny. A simple transformation in your mindset is all it takes to initiate the process. There is a moment in your transition when the size your dream and the size of your faith reach an equilibrium and that is when real belief is born. The size of your dream will determine the size of the faith required. Know that the process is designed to build muscle, strong character, and most importantly allow you trust God on a whole different level. It’s very important to have a belief system and stand strong. Affirmation is key. Once you think it, speak it, believe it that’s when it will come to fruition.

About The Author

Ikeysha was inspired to write this book based on her experience with moments that challenged her to transform and believe in herself again. This book was designed to encourage and motivate readers to have faith and take a chance on believing in themselves. Although it was not easy for Ikeysha, she learned the key to success during the process, was never give up. Fear, disappointment, rejection and many sleepless nights forced Ikeysha to realize that God wanted to use what he planted inside of her, to bless the generation that she is called to coach. Her process was very intense, but it has defined the person she is today. She has opened her heart and filled the pages of this book with inmate stories regarding her life, alongside bible scriptures that feed her spirit and prayers that are designed to assist you with your process as well.

Ikeysha has been set free of the ties that had her bound! She is liberated and has fallen in love with the testimony of her life and the things only God can do! As you read this book, remember to whom much is given much is required. Remember the moment you believe is the moment you win!


Ikeysha Clincy

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