Mar. 11, 2018


Why do you think there is so much competetion between women?

Jun. 29, 2016

In this society today, we live for affirmation and validation from individuals in this world. From people that we know and even from people that we do not know. When did it matter or come of importance of being liked or getting "likes" from social media. Why does it matter how many people view our videos or share our post? Does it really matter? Does the "likes" really dictate who we are, or who we can become? Not receiving the amount of "likes" to someone that we may compare ourselves to may and can depredate (attack) our mind and our self-esteem.

I say "our and we" because that includes my Sister and I. We have been there, wondering why people don't "like" our quotes or "like" our pictures. Wondering why we have to take a selfie in a cute outfit to get over 100 "likes" but when we put up something in regards to a fundraiser or quoting something positive we receive fewer than 50 "likes".  

What is the Rule to receiving more "Likes"?

Here is our answer for that question: "STOP LOOKING FOR LIKES"

The only validation and affirmation that you need is from GOD and GOD ALONE! HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WE SHOULD BE PLEASING TO! So as long as HE is Pleased, then we have done our part.

Jun. 29, 2016

Dear Perfectly Imperfect,

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you didn't feel wanted, or appreciated, and just taken for granted?  I know that this does not just happen to Women, but also to Men as well.  I'm not one to say that this happens to more Women than Men, everyone has their own story.  

-My Story

I lost myself for six years in a relationship/then marriage making sure that I pleased my Husband and making sure that I made him happy, which only resulted in me loosing myself and getting hurt.  Am I telling this story to dog my ex-husband out? Not at all. I Thank GOD that I went through what I went through to help me find and realize that Happiness begins within me, and not in my significant other.  I thank my ex-husband for assisting me in reaching my Purpose in Life! If I hadn't gone through all of the turmoil in my marriage, I wouldn't be as strong and as close as I am to God like I am today! My relationship with God has taken me to a higher level in Him, which leads me into a Place of Peace and Serenity!

I had to go through that chapter in my life in order to recognize that I deserve to be happy, loved, and uplifted as I give off as well.

Never loose yourself in a relationship, in your job, or in your marriage. Remember when you are in a relationship/marriage, you are there to add to their Happiness, not make them Happy! 

Happiness Begins Within!

Millen Twin 1,❤