Jul. 11, 2016

Conquering Suicide

Dear Suicide,

So many times in my life you held me hostage, from myself, from my reflection in the mirror, from my heart, and my well being, to the point I wanted to destroy this vessel, my Temple, and GOD'S Creation. Not once but twice you almost had this ball of Perfect Imperfection thown in a sea of devastation.  Yes life is hard, life can be difficult, life can be heartbroken, but somehow I considered you as my next best friend. A friend that would relieve the agony and pain.  

I listened to your words, "He doesn't love you, No one wants you, Your'e fat, you are not pretty enough, You're not good enough so why waste this space in the world of your Creator." At this time I became your number one fan. I began to believe in you, believe in your words to be true.  I thought to myself over and over again and I asked myself why am I here? What is my purpose? To live in saddness? To be someones pawn? To be the target of hatred? 

Yes, you had my ear, you had my heart, you had my mind, but Someone Much Bigger than you took back Control. My Creator used my bundle of joy to speak life back into me, yes me, Kerese. As you can see you didn't win. You weren't the friend that I thought you were. You wanted to hurt me, you wanted to take me out of my love ones life to appease you. 

It took me a long time to write this letter to you out of fear. But I come to you right now to let you know that I Declare victory over my life from this day forth. God gets the Glory out of everything that I have been through. I even thank God for placing you in my life. It's because of you I now have the spirit of sucidal discernment and now have the POWER to rebuke you IN THE NAME  OF JESUS! 

So right now I come FACE to FACE with you, DEMANDING you to TAKE your hands off of every Woman, Man, boy, and girl's mind. You will no longer have the mental control over God's children. AND IT IS SO ! WE HAVE TAKEN OUR MINDS BACK!

P.S.  You were never a friend